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Games with Purpose was created to showcase the best games that do more than just entertain. It features an ever-growing selection of learning, serious, news, social impact and meaningful games.


This game is about a woman called Ute. She meets lots of men who are all in love with her. Ute can have sex with them but has to be careful that she's not caught by someone else. If that happens though, both men - the one Ute is having sex with, and the one who caches them - will never sleep with her again. At the end there is only one man left. Ute has to marry him. The objective of the game is to have as much sex as you can before getting married.
Faith Fighter

Operation Pedopriest

Molleindustria's new game Operation Pedopriest again is dealing with a highly explosive issue: The Church is in the midst of controversies for the sexual abuses committed by the priests. The Vatican created a task force to prevent sinners from being captured and put on trial according to the secular states' laws. You have to control the operations: estabilish a code of silence and hide the scandal until the media attention moves elsewhere!

McDonalds Videogame

In the economic simulation McDonald�s Videogame the player has to manage the big fast food supplier: From the pasture for the cows, to the meal production, marketing and public relations, you're in charge. To suceed in the game you may choose between some dirty tricks, like putting hormones in the fodder, cropping the rainforest or corrupting a nutritionist. But beware of so called anti-global-protesters! They could damage the image of your company...


Super Princess Peach

In Nintendo's DS Game Super Princess Peach the damsel-in-distress character Super Princess Peach joins the action. Her special weapons in this game are quite clear: rage, crying and happiness. With those well-known female behaviours Princess Peach is stereotyping through the game.
On Gonzalo Frasca is asking the question what the f*** is wrong with Nintendo: "Nintendo�s most politically incorrect game ever!"

Kabul Kaboom

In Kabul Kaboom the player becomes a victim of the US bombing in Kabul. You have to collect "healthy american food" (burger), that is good for you. But beware of grenades! There is no way to suceed in the game, at the end you will be blast in pieces anyway...

September 12th

September 12th is also dealing with the US bombing in Kabul. This time you've got the finger on the trigger. Find your terrorist targets and launch missiles at them. The problem: There is a little time delay and it is almost impossible to avoid "colateral damage". The more civilians are killed, the more the inhabitants of Kabul become radical. The number of potential terrorists raises and all ends up in a giant bloodbath.


Tuboflex is about the flexibilisation and the precarisation of labour. The game is set up in the near future, where a big corporation has invented a �staffing solution�: A complex tube/pipe-system to allocate work force in real time. So you have to control this little worker who is continuously sucked up and spitted of by this tubes. The player is always trying to keep him survive in this crazy labour market, which is very near to the everyday experience of the precarious workers. And once your're blacklisted, you're spending your time playing accordeon on the street...

You're An Oil God!

You're an Oil God! is a strategical simulation of the world's oil market. Your aim is to double consumer gasoline prices in five years using whatever means necessary: start wars, overthrow leaders, spawn natural disasters and bend governments to your will to alter trade practices. The game explores the relationship between gas prices, geopolitics and oil profits.