Culture Jamming - Media Actionism In The 21st Century

The documentary provides a two year research in european Culture Jamming. From the roots in the beginning of the 20th century: Marcel Duchamp or the french avantgarde group Situationist International to postmodern info-war. Modern Culture Jamming is distributing viral information like fake media campaigns to jam the mass media.

The website '' by the media actionist Hans Bernhard which faked a trading platform for american votes. The claim 'Bringing Capitalism And Democracy Closer Together' was set up to provoke heavy reactions. The website was shut down by domainbank Inc., FBI and CIA started research and CNN produced an issue of 'Burden Of Proof - Democracy Is On The Block'. His project 'Google Will Eat Itself' is classical internet art, which short-linked the virtual money transactions of Google. The aim of GWEI is to buy Google from Google's money and distribute it to the internet community..

A big media hoax by italian artists was staged in Vienna at Karlsplatz. In the name of Nike they occupied the Karlsplatz and stated to rename it in Nikeplatz and to built a ginat 'Swoosh'-monument. The citizens of vienna were angry and outraged. Nike started a legal battle about 78.000 Euro.

'Political Videogames' are programmed by Paolo Pedercini of Molleindustria's games are about gender, modern labour market, precarious working conditions and industrial production. The games 'Tuboflex' and 'Mc Donald's Videogame' are postmodern educational games with a clear message. Molleindustria want to start a serious discussion about the political implications of videogames.

Culture Jamming is the dawn of a new era of activism, media-hacking and info war...

Total Length: 32:22 min.